Our Story

Hi there! Welcome to Catfish Somewhere! A small family business made of long nights, fails, successes, and tight lines!

Something that continues to test strengths, knowledge, and is forever evolving in this world is fishing. What once started as a small interest in a young kid then turned to a fierce hobby, and is now a beloved passion in adulthood. A passion we share with our family, close friends, and the many people we know, have met, and support.But what started it all? For AJ, some say its in his DNA. His Grandfather on his mothers side was an avid tournament fisherman in New York, who made his own lures and sinkers to better his chances of catching walleye, salmon, and musky. Fishing for his Grandfather was a way of life. He lived and breathed it. So much so that even while in a full leg cast from breaking his foot and ankle he would crutch himself down to the dock and scooch himself into his boat just for some time on the water. Growing up AJ never got the chance to meet his grandfather, luckily enough his dad was also a bit of fisherman and AJ remembers how his dad would take him on his boat out on a local inland lake: Mosquito Creek Lake, to try his hand at some walleye while testing his boat before putting it on larger waters.

Although AJ enjoyed the days on the water reeling in some "eyes" for supper with his dad he loved stopping at the local bait shops and seeing the "trophy Flathead Catfish" pictures on the wall. Seeing fish of that size absolutely amazed him, and sparked the interest that made him try his hand at Catfishing. For a long time AJ only fished with the intentions of filling his freezer as that was how he was raised. Seven years ago he reached out to find more ways of catching catfish (i.e. trotlines) and in doing so found a friend who not only steered him in a better direction but also turned him onto the bigger and better fishing. Since then he has continuously practiced C.P.R. (Catch, Photograph, Release), and Conservation. In doing so he achieved his original goal of catching Flatheads like the ones he saw in photos as a child and has pursued many other goals in the catfishing world while trying to steer others in the direction he was steered toward as well.

This is not only a place to find cool merchandise, this is a part of a huge community meant for sharing, learning, and supporting anglers. Anytime, Anywhere, Catfish Somewhere.